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Your 🤑 accounts, 💸 bills, & 💳 credit cards. In one place 

CleverCookie consolidates your finances in one place, displaying your monthly cashflow, subscriptions, transactions, balances, and more.


Finally, all your finances in one place

Track Your Monthly Cashflow

Effortlessly track your cashflow across all your bank accounts and gain insights that’ll help you see easy opportunities to save.


Get Control Over Your Subscriptions

Never pay for an unwanted subscription again. CleverCookie instantly finds and tracks your subscriptions.


All your accounts. All in one place. 


See it all at a glance when you link your cash accounts, credit cards, line of credit etc 


All your transactions without the guilt 


financial anxiety is real, so we sprinkled in some humour to take the edge off. 

Security you can trust

They're protected with 256-bit encryption, obviously 🙄

CleverCookie can’t move your cash. She can only see it and help you create clarity

We respect your privacy and believe your information should be just that - private

Signing up takes 1 minute


Manage your money like it's a side hustle with the money app that doesn't suck 

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