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Be clever with your money

CleverCookie makes financial education simpler, way more fun, and rewarding for all Canadians 🇨🇦

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Smarter is Better

Whether you’re unemployed, living paycheck to paycheck or wondering how to pay off your student loan, everyone deserves to live a financially healthy life. CleverCookie is here to teach you how to reach financial freedom.

Why people love learning with CleverCookie


All you’ll need to know about money in one place. 100+ interactive lessons, daily money hacks, challenges and more


Make your breaks and commute more productive with CleverCookie. With just 5 minutes of learning per day you'll be on the path of financial freedom


You don’t have to worry about annoying ads or someone trying to sell you something when you learn with CleverCookie

All your learning in one place 

 An introductory lesson to get you started on your investment journey.


What users are saying


It's a pretty cool app! It reminds me of Duolingo. You go through lessons that start very basic and gradually get more and more in depth

Marketing Manager


Learn about what matters to you!

Managing money better

Generating a side income

Dealing with financial anxiety

Learn everything Crypto

Learning to invest as a beginner

Improving financial literacy

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Gamification poured into every lesson

Put aside the boring books and long lecture videos, and join us in a new way to learn

The 7 Day League

Compete against other players in a 7 day trivia. The winner gets points, badges and a cash prize

Our Mission

Our mission is to create a more financially healthy Canada by making financial education more accessible and exciting to all Canadians

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