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Get paid to learn about finance

CleverCookie is a free app makes education simple, fun, and rewarding for all Canadian Students 🇨🇦

Why you’ll love learning with CleverCookie

CleverCookie has a unique blend of trustworthy Canadian-specific content and engaging lessons. On top of that, we have fun finance competitions with guaranteed cash prizes for the winners!  

Making learning fun 


We have content on everything that matters to students including loans and interest, budgeting and saving to Crypto.


Compete against others in a no-holds barred 7 day finance challenge. 


 The winner of the 7 day league will be rewarded with a gift card of their choice. 


Gamification poured into every lesson

Put aside the boring books and long lecture videos, and join us in a new way to learn, all for free.  

What users are saying

“CleverCookie helped me budget and understand my financial situation. But most of all, I love the Starbucks gift cards!”


Engineering at U of T 

"Learning about finance is really important, but it’s hard to do. CleverCookie puts it all together in a way that’s engaging and even fun"


University of Waterloo

“Great learning tool, clear and precise explanation. It’s the perfect app for beginners.”


York University



Have fun with it!  

Effective learning doesn’t have to be boring! Build your skills each day with engaging lessons. Our bite-sized lessons only require 5 mins daily. 



Challenge yourself!

In the 7 day League, you will compete against others in a finance knowledge showdown. It’s a chance to test your skills and see how they stack up! The winner gets a crown badge and a gift card of their choice.  


Reap all the benefits

Get Rewarded 

The winner of the 7 day league will be rewarded with a gift card of their choice.

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