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Your Customers


Conduct evidence-based consumer research with our engaged user base and get rapid insights for any question.

10X better then email surveys.

Email surveys are oftentimes inaccurate and fraud-ridden. CleverCookie gives you real-time consented consumer insight on spending habits, sentiment analysis and much more 

 Finally, your one-stop solution for customer insights

Competitor Analysis

Analyze your competitors' strengths and weaknesses through customer spending habits


A.I Powered Sentiment Analysis

Find out how your customers really feel about your brand with our A.I powered sentiment analysis


Customer Personas 

Go beyond the obvious. Know your customer's preferences, values, and beliefs through a wide range of demographic attributes


Targeted Surveys

Send targeted consumer surveys based on their verified behaviours.


Verified behaviors. For every use case

Brand Favourability
Customer Segmentation

Post Purchase Experience

Rely on real-world evidence, not self-reports. 


Self reported responses are oftentimes inaccurate and fraud-ridden. Skip self-screeners and target consumers based on their verified behaviors.

Insights whenever you need them.


Traditional research takes months to turnaround. With CleverCookie's engaged user base, get responses within hours.

360° view of your customers.


Enrich your analysis without needing to ask additional questions by leveraging CleverCookie’s existing consumer data.

Modernize your research. Leverage real-world evidence.

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